TM 30 Foreigner Residing on Premises Reporting Requirement

TM 30 Foreigner Residing on Premises Reporting

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There has been some confusion over when a property owner be it a home residence, rental house or hotel needs to file a TM-30 with Thai Immigration. This confusion came from different Immigration officials having different interpretations of when it is needed and when not needed in their minds.
Hopefully this posting will help clear things up.

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First off just to be clear. To clarify a TM-30 is completed by the owner of the property, for example if you are renting a house from a Thai, they have to report this to immigration. Failure to comply with this law can bring a fine of 200 baht a day not to be more than 2,000 baht and could lead to time in prison for the property owner.

If you are staying at a home belonging to a spouse or their relatives, then either you can do it for them or they need to report you staying at their home by filing a TM-30. And a new TM-30 is supposed to be filed if you ever move your residence within the country and if the owner or management isn’t related to you in some fashion, then the reporting would be done by them.

A TM-28, on the other hand, is you reporting where you are staying, for example if you own a condo or your house and need to report yourself. Now, that said, most foreigners don’t know about this law. As I said, the landlord or management of a guesthouse or hotel is supposed to file a TM-30, but to be on the safe side some foreigners have gone in and filed the TM-28 yourself to avoid potential problems.

Immigration does not expect a TM-28 to be filed other than if you are here on an extension of stay (retirement, marriage, etc.) and you change your address. Otherwise by the law a TM-28 is not needed to be be filed for short terms stays away from your home address.

NOTE: I have heard that (randomly) when you file your 90 day report (TM-47) Immigration is checking their files to see if you have filed a TM-28 or TM-30. They then check if the address on the TM-28 is the same as the address on the 90 day report you are now filing. If it isn’t then they will have you fill out a new TM-28 and hopefully no fine would be imposed.

How To Report

Regarding Hotels, Condos, Apartment buildings, etc., the management obtains a special permit from the Royal Thai Police so that they can report the TM 30 online. Whenever a foreigner checks in or out, they go online and report it.
To my knowledge, this special permit is not available to individuals.

If you regularly rent out property that you own, you should be able to get signed up for using online reporting of the TM30.

As stated, you usually don’t need to report yourself living at a new address until you do your 90 day reporting. But f you feel you do want to comply within 24 hours of moving you will head off to your new local immigration office with your TM-28 and usually have to deal with the same IO that does the the 90 day reporting.
The immigration officer will look up the current address you are registered living at on his computer, then update the information from your TM-28 and confirmed your new address with you. Then he will issue a receipt and you will be on your way.

Here are SOME of the different interpretations related to foreigners from various immigration officers around the country:
1. Once a TM-30 has been filed by the property owner and the foreign national takes a trip out of town but NOT out of Thailand, the property owner need not turn in a new TM-30. However, should the foreign national leave Thailand to visit another country, the property owner must file a new TM-30 within 24 hours of that person’s arrival back on the property.

2. Some have questioned if a TM-30 needs to be filed if you have a yellow house-book showing yourself as the owner. From some immigration officers the answer is “yes”. The yellow house-book does not excuse the property owner from having to file the TM-30 form.

So you can see some of the ambiguity. As far as I am concerned this continues to be an inconsistent policy and it all depends on the Immigration Officer on duty as to how they interpret the regulations. It will be up to you and your comfort level as to how you choose to comply.

Notification Form for House Master, Owner, or the Possessor of The Residence Where Aliens Have Stay (TM.30) DOWNLOAD

Form for Aliens (foreigners) to Notify Their Change of Address or Their Stay in the Province over 24 Hours (TM.28) DOWNLOAD

1. Can the TM 30 be sent by Registered Mail? – YES
For the TM 30 there are 2 forms (See attachments below) Use the same procedure for filing the TM 47 by mail.
Chiang Mai Immigration
71 Sanambin Rd
T. Suthep Muang Chiang Mai 50200

The TM 30 is suppose to be filed within 24 hours of the Expat moving in.

2. Can the TM 28 be sent by Registered Mail? – NO
The TM 28 is suppose to be filed within 48 hours of the Expat moving in.

3. If the Expats wife is the owner of the house or Condo, can she send the TM 30 by Registered Mail? – YES
Procedure would be the same as sending the 90 day report by Registered Mail.

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